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Meet the Founder

I’m the CEO of PureCRO.com

My name is Tom Zizzo I am from New York City. But I call Las Vegas home now.

I’m an entrepreneur that’s owned several successful businesses. From start-up to fruition. There are many reasons you chose the business you’re in apart from money. You may have got into it because you have a passion for it. It may be a way to express who you are too. Showing customers how you care about them through your dedication and commitment to excellence. Whatever your inspiration, it brought you to this point. If you’re like me, maybe you felt that inspiration get smothered with the reality of what’s needed to compete on the internet. The thought that came to my mind was ” how can I give my attention to all the internet marketing demands and still be the best at what I do in my business. Today, being the best at what you do is not enough. You need to have the best internet marketing team working with you so that you can still be the best at what you do. Our services are pretty much all you need to feel the support of a full team of experts behind you. Schedule your free call today.

PureCRO™ Get more of what your website was designed to do. Reduce wasteful PPC spending and improve the performance of your website in areas you feel it’s underperforming.

PureCRO™ is a Las Vegas based privately owned company with an experienced staff of about twenty people. Groups of specialists work under a project leader to reach your stated goals. Your objective and goals for your website are established during the initial consultation and carried out continuously on a month to month basis. We do not lock you into an annual contract. A three month soft commitment is suggested. Depending on how much recent data is available on your website you may see some exciting results in less time.

Our no-contract, month to month business model is an expression of our core value. We will continually earn your business and strive to become irreplaceable.

Clarity brings right action. Contact us today.